Khepera 3 user manual

Khepera. USER MANUAL Version 5. 02 KTeam Lausanne, 12 March 1999 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Gives an introduction to this manual and the Khepera robot. explains the contents of the package. explains the functionality of every item present in the package.

explains how to make the rst test of Basically it follows the black line and grasps an object (fig 3. html and in the User manual in the software for specific commands to the simulator. 4 return the intensity [0 to 1 of the ground infrared sensor index [0 or 1 distance return the distance in [m of the Read the user manual, Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines before use.

The user takes full responsibility for all operations and usage. Charging the Battery Connect the battery charger to a power outlet using the provided cable. The LED indicator on the battery charger will glow green. Running modes, Reset Button and Settings The ROM installed on your robot has an important library of software modules for the real time control of the Khepera robot. The Korebot 2 must be already in the robot and its upper part plugged on top (see Khepera 3 User Manual, chapter ).

Insert the KSG module on top of the Korebot 2 upper board. Pay attention to the orientation of the module (frontback). 1 Introduction 1. 1 How to Use this Manual This manual is introducing the Khepera III robot.

For a quick start and overview of the robots functions, please read chapter 1 to 4. An image describing impassible obstacles is used as map (fig 2. 3). # defines 'map' object used for floorplans include" map. inc" # defines 'KheperaIII' robot include" kheperaIII. inc" # the name of the world, as displayed in the window title bar 525 Deliverable 4. 4: Software Package Khepera III drivers for PlayerStage UsersProgrammers KTeam technical support, community and resources: browse our forum. Manuals and other documentation can be found by browsing under the PRODUCTS menu.

Software releases and all other downloads can be found in the KTeam FTP area. Khepera III. Khepera III provides features never seen before on a minirobot The Khepera III robot integration is based on 10 years of expertise in miniature robotics.

Khepera III manual ver 2. 2 3. 1 Introduction 1. 1 How to Use this Manual This manual is introducing the Khepera III robot. For a quick start and The led 5 and 6 can be set by the user with L command. See annexe A Serial communication protocol. Figure 3. 2: LEDs of See gure 3. 1 number 7. Indication LEDs The Khepera III has six indication LEDs, two for the battery charger, one for the Power ON, one for the state of the motors controller and two pro grammables by the enduser (see gure 3.

2). User info setup As a user programmer of Khepera Simulator, you will need an area to display some of your variables, results, graphs, explanations, etc.