Bettis actuator cba 300 manual

Data sheet Date: August 2011 DOC. DSB. CBA300. US www. Bettis. com Bettis CBA300 Series Technical data sheet Imperial Actuators Introduction AllPublishedTorquesa Bettis is the global leader in valve automation, providing reliable solutions for the most demanding service in the process industry.

The CBA300 actuators combine the strength of scotchyoke actuation with design innovations for CBASeries ScotchYoke Pneumatic Actuators. Compact, Lightweight and Economical The CBASeries. parallel or at right angles to the flow line. 3) Standard Accessory Mounting Pad The new accessory mounting pad is standard and identical on all CBA and CBA300 Series models. Bettis CBA 725. Uploaded by kutts76. Related Interests. The new accessory mounting pad is standard and identical on all CBA and CBA300 Series models.

allowing the panel mounting of controls. low maintenance actuators provide a reliable means of automating your valve. 2 I I I PED 9723EC Compliant Xylan Coated Cylinder Water Ingress The Bettis CBASeries pneumatic actuators are compact, lightweight and ideally suited for automating on all CBA and CBA300 Series models, allowing the the manual override has no affect on actuator torque output or operating speed.

Bettis CBA300 Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Valve Actuator Bettis A pneumatic actuator that combines the strengths of the GSeries actuator and is compact, lightweight, efficient and very costeffective. listed actuator series include M2, M3, M4, M6, M7, M9, and M11 overrides plus the early Bettis model numbers that have an alpha character following the basic model letters and numbers (i. e. HD732A, 301B, T402.

0A etc). The Bettis CBA300 Series pneumatic actuators incorporate the most advanced features from a long history of developments in the scotchyoke design, assuring operating efficiency and costeffectiveness. Bracket Kits for BETTIS Actuators. Moniteur produces the finest quality bracket kits for Bettis DSeries, GSeries, CBASeries and HDSeries pneumatic actuators, available in both plated and stainless steel. P. 3. Operating principleBoth the doubleacting and singleacting of the CBA300 pneumatic actuators are designed insuch a way that there are no moving parts on the outside (withthe exception of the position indicator).

CBB and CBA300 Series Pneumatic ScotchYoke Economical jackscrew manual override available to ensure reliable valve control in the event of the power loss. CBB symmetrical mounting pads allows field reversal of spring return actuator failure mode with no disassembly required (CW or CCW. ) Bettis CBA300 Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Valve Actuator Compact and lightweight, CBA300 combines the strengths of the GSeries actuators while incorporating design economies for efficient and costeffective valve automation.

Prohibits corrosion within the actuator. Standard construction CBA300 Series actuators are designed for operating