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Specifies equality condition. The eq operator matches documents where the value of a field equals the specified value. Jun 16, 2013 Recorded on June 15, 2013 using a Flip Video camera. What's the difference between eq, eql, equal and equalp, in Common Lisp? I understand that some of them check types, some of them check across types an all that, but which is which?

When is one b Guile Reference Manual: Equality. Next: Utility Functions. Equality. There are three kinds of core equality predicates in Scheme, described below. The same kinds of comparisons arise in but the problem is theyre not necessarily eq? to themselves either. This is even so when the number comes directly from a variable, If You Attack One Texan, You Attack All Texans Equality Texas is the State of Texas' best defense against inequality and the ignorance that feeds it.

Learn More About Us DMG Audio EQuality& Compassion. pros. EQuality is a nicesounding and very flexible EQ that can operate in CPUlight Digital mode and a variety of others, including Linear Phase.

NLopt Algorithms. NLopt includes implementations of a number of different optimization algorithms. Equality constraints are automatically transformed into pairs of inequality constraints, We also provide a variant, NLOPTAUGLAGEQ, Waves HEQ Equalizer User Manual 3 Chapter 1 Introduction 1.

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CBC News 1, 732, 981 views Products EQuality Returning users login for discounts: Login. Create a new account Added Manual to EQuality installer; Added softbypass to eliminate CPU load for inactive bands; From the bottom up, EQuality sounds as good as an EQ can sound. By that, I mean the prototypes are as close to the consistent analogue shapes as can be