5417r eppendorf centrifuge manuals

Centrifuge 5417 C is a nonrefrigerated benchtop centrifuge and Centrifuge 5417 R is a refrigerated benchtop centrifuge. In both devices, Eppendorf Micro Test Tubes can be centrifuged at 20, 800 rcf (14, 000 rpm). It is possible to attain an rcf of up to 25, 000 using a special 24position rotor. In both devices 24 or 36 Eppendorf micro test tubes can be centrifuged simultaneously in a 45 xedangle rotor at 16, 100 rcf (13, 200 rpm).

The basic functions can be selected using the" SHORT" key and the" TIME" and" SPEED" dial. Operating manual Centrifuge R Rseeon manual website www. eppendorf. com. 1. 2 Danger symbols and danger levels Danger symbols Centrifuge R R Operating manual 2 Product description 2 Product description The Eppendorf approach to product development is about listening to our customers needs, understanding daily laboratory routines and anticipating future trends.

The result is a comprehensive line of centrifuges that serve the multiple applications you encounter in your lab. Eppendorf InternationalService& Support. Service& Support. Product Catalog, Manuals, Notes& Papers, Brochures, Flyers and Magazines. A Wellness Treat for Your Pipette. Eppendorf Pipette Service Video The Basis for your Lab Safety. Centrifuge Maintenance Video.

Eppendorf International This is a good working Eppendorf 5417R refrigerated centrifuge with F rotor and lid. Eppendorf 5417R Refrigerated MicroCentrifuge.

F Eppendorf Fixed Angle Rotor. Eppendorf 5417C Centrifuge The Eppendorf 5417C Centrifuge is a reliable microprocessor controlled microcentrifuge that spins up to 16, 400 rpm with consistent quiet operation (60dB). This benchtop or cold room centrifuge features automatic rotor detection, which automatically calibrates to rotor specifications and limits rotor speed per Centrifuge incorporates reinforced steel rotor housing and double lid locks.

The maintenancefree, brushless induction motor reaches maximum speed within 12 Eppendorf 5417R Refrigerated Centrifuge. The Eppendorf 5417R is unsurpassed in safety, reliability and easeofuse. Very easy to maintain with a brushless motor that spins up to 16, 400 RPM with maximum RCF up to 25, 000 x g.

The Eppendorf 5417R comes equipped with an integrated cooling fan that helps remove residual heat buildup. The Eppendorf Centrifuge 5417R is a refrigerated benchtop centrifuge used in the biosciences community for research and routine laboratory applications. The Eppendorf 5417R has a top speed of 14, 000 RPMs while only taking up a small lab footprint. 9 Centrifuge R R Operating manual 1 User instructions 1 User instructions 1. 1 Using this manual Read this operating manual completely before using the device for the first time.

Please also note the operating instructions for the accessories, if applicable. Centrifuge Speed Calculator Rotational Speed and centrifugal force To calculate the relative centrifugal force at the given rotor speed and given rotor radius, please enter the values in the appropriate fields and press the Calculate RCF key.