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The Facing Your Fears program, group therapy for managing the anxious symptoms of youth with ASD will be presented throughout the training, as an illustration of a group CBT program specifically designed for youth with ASD and anxiety. Facing Your Fears Do Disabilities Scare You Away From Enjoying Family Outings? When we were kids, my Uncle Victor and Aunt Lina used to take me and my cousins to K.

I. S. S. park every summer. Facing Your Fears in Adolescence: Pilot Study (Reaven, BlakeleySmith, Leuthe, Moody, & Hepburn, 2012) In light of FYFs success in mitigating anxiety in schoolaged children, a second pilot study was initiated to assess the efficacy of a modified treatment for teens (Facing Your Fears in The complete Facing Your Fears set (Facilitators Manual, Parent Workbook, and Child Workbook) allows for the administration of 15 complete sessions for children aged 814 and their parents.

Facing Your Fears includes everything professionals need to run a successful programa Facilitator's Manual, one Parent Workbook, and one Child Workbook.

With the Facilitator's Manual, group leaders will get complete guidance on conducting each session: clear stepbystep instructions, materials lists, goals, sample schedules, and helpful hints for running sessions smoothly. Facing Your Fears includes 15 complete sessions for children 814 and their parents. This product is sold in a package of 4. The complete Facing Your Fears also includes a Manual and Child Workbooks. Facing Your Fears: Group Therapy for Managing Anxiety in Children with HighFunctioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Paul Brookes Publishing Company, Baltimore.

of Fear Ladders for some ideas on building your fear ladder. If you have a lot of different fears, build separate ladders for each fear theme. Each ladder should include a whole range of situations.