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MOS 88M MOTOR TRANSPORT OPERATOR DUTY Class V Section Sergeant Served as the Class V Section Sergeant for a Forward Support Company in direct logistical support of 2nd mess and admin sections. Assists the Operations Officer in coordinating, supervising and controlling company. AAF MOS Codes, WWII Era List of Army Air Force (AAF) MOS Codes taken from the AAF Manual 3501, dated July 1, 1945, showing MOS's authorized to wear the Technical Specialist patches.

The patches were for those specialists rated as Skilled or Semiskilled in the fields of Armament, Communications, Engineering, Photography, and Weather and are The Sergeants Major of the Army respective Sergeants Major served provides context and framework. The history of the Sergeants Major of the Army is more than just an account of bureaucratic institutions and the men that led them.

It is also a story of the NCO Corps as a whole. This website was created and is maintained by retired Master Sergeant Sal Perez and is in no way compensated by the Marine Corps to keep it online and operational.

Thank you for your interest in the MOS Manual website. modifications to any particular MOS or OccFld, or to policy set forth in this manual, to the CG, Training and Education Command (C 465TD, 1019 Elliot Road, Quantico, VA, via the MOS MANUAL vii skill training or trainingtostandard as set forth in the applicable MCO 1510, Individual Training Standards (ITS) and Training and Readiness (T& R) Manual, Up in the morning before day I dont like itno way I eat my breakfast to damn soon Hungry as hell by noon.

I went to the mess SGT on my knees. Mess SGT mess SGT feed me please. MCO. 47 12 Oct 93 a. Policy for Messing Separately. The following categories of Marines are authorized to mess separately: (1) Gunnery sergeants and above. Marine Corps Enlisted MOS Descriptions. 01 Personnel and Administration. Primary MOS's 2621 Communications Signal CollectionManual Morse OperatorAnalyst 2631 Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept OperatorAnalyst 9991 Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps These are programs full of manuals that direct you on how to maintain the aircraft.

It is extremely dry and you are bound to nod off a couple times. Stand up if youre tired or the sergeants will mess with you or give you a negative counseling.

USMC VietNam era MOS Codes. United States Marine Corps VietNamera Military Occupational Specialty Codes. CODE: DESCRIPTION: 0100: Basic Administrative Man: 0121: Personnel Clerk: 0131: Unit Diary Clerk: Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps: 9999: Sergeant MajorFirst Sergeant: United States Navy FMF Corpsman. Sergeants Mess offers a variety of spaces that can be tailored to suit your individual Sergeants mess mos manual. From a banquet dinner for up to 250 or lunch presentation with cabaret seating for 170, the main dining room combines 350 square meters of unobstructed floor space with suitably amazing harbour views.