Manual choke conversion kit jaguar xj6

Note: Series 1 and 2 XJ6 models are already fitted with 2 x 2" HS8 SU carburetors but the manual choke conversion gets rid of the troublesome AED starting carburetor.

Apr 11, 2016 Why not buy a manual choke conversion kit instead? internals are identical to the Jaguar one, i. e utter crap! to those fitted to S1 4. 2 AND 2. 8 XJ6, with the exception of the manual choke Jul 18, 2018В  Perhaps its time for an XJ6 manual choke. XJ. Breen60 (Paul Breen pay the cam set up dispenses with these. Burlen also supply an overhaul kit for the AED (worth fitting if you are doing the cam conversion).

but if you have HS8, the full manual choke conversion is superb, mine has all the parts needed to drop the Jets, and increase Its often easier this way: Manual choke conversion kit comes with complete install kit, interior light and detailed instructions. Simplifies engine start and reduces fuel consuption. Suits all vehicles with SUHS8 carburettors and automatic enrichment device (AED).

Jaguar XJ6 Manual Choke Conversion kit contains all the parts you need to convert the AED unit and full instructions for fitting and setting up the manual choke. The original AED unit can be a very tricky item to get to work correctly and keep serviced and working, this conversion kit Dec 23, 2014 manual choke conversion I see a kit is available from David Manners, is it worth doing and is it an easy job? I've read that the factory fitted AEDs can be tricky things to live with in Jags, both of the Rover P5B Coupes I've owned had them removed by previous owners due to problems with cold starting.

Trova le offerte migliori per JAGUAR XJ6 1 2 SERIES AED MANUAL CHOKE CONVERSION KIT su eBay. Il mercato pi grande del mondo. Manual choke conversion for vehicles with SU carburettors and automatic enrichment device (AED) Jaguar XJ6 Series I, II and III with SUHS8 and SUHIF7 carburettors ( ): Series I from March 1971 (4. 2 with AC from engine no. 7L, 4.

2 without AC from engine no. 7L, 2. 8 from engine no. 7G ) plus all 3. 4& 4. 2 Series II and 3. 4 Jaguar Aed Manual Choke Conversion I did think of a manual choke conversion but they appear to use the lower half of the AED anyway and I assume I'll still need an overhaul kit for the seals etc.

Feb 15, 2018 SNG Barratt do a new AED for the series 1 at 293 or a manual choke conversion for 120 (ref TZX1002U). The conversion involves replacing the bimetallic strips at the top with tappets and cams on a shaft (the bottom of the AED is retained) and adding a cableknob for manual operation. Jan 04, 2015 They used to stock a kit that converted Jaguar XJ6 4.

2 Series 2 to manual cable operation and dispensing with the AED. The SU Midel manual choke conversion kit number was WZX2000.