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Injuries due to Manual Handling (musculoskeletal injuries) are still the Legislation victoria manual handling and lifting common compensable injuries in Victoria.

There have been regulations for Manual Handling since 1988, though many workplaces have still done very little to comply. A guide towards assisting the implementation of the manual handling regulations The HCA Way Manual Handling By incorporating the ANMF No Lift No Injury approach, the HCA WAY aims to reduce the risk of injury by: Eliminating manual lifting of people in all situations apart from those which Sprains and strains, injuries due to manual handling, are the most common injuries suffered by workers across all workplaces, and in all industries.

The use of force by a person to lift, push, pull, carry, or otherwise restrain any object is referred to as 'manual handling Manual handling covers a wide range of activities including: lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, restraining, throwing and carrying.

It includes repetitive tasks such as packing, typing, assembling, cleaning and sorting, using handtools, operating machinery and equipment, and handling and restraining animals. Manual handling risks associated with the care, treatment and transportation of bariatric (severely obese) patients in Australia Mar 2009 Download Manual handling risks associated with the care, treatment and transportation of bariatric (severely obese) patients in Australia as a pdf (540.

17 KB) The term manual handling covers a wide variety of activities including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying. If any of these tasks are not carried out appropriately there is a risk of injury. Regulations. As an employer you must comply with the risk assessment requirements set out in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 as well as the requirement in the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (MHOR) to carry out a risk assessment on manual handling tasks.

The manual lifting of people must be eliminated in all but exceptional circumstances, for ANMF Policy Safe patient handling and safety and to state and territory occupational health and safety legislation for further information 2.

For example, moving from bed to chair, bed to trolley, and moving up or down the bed Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. Compliance codes and codes of practice. OHS Essentials program. Find your industry (A to Z) Hazardous manual handling. Hazardous substances. Health and safety representatives. Infectious diseases. Labour hire. WorkSafe Victoria logo Victorian Government logo In healthcare, eliminate manual lifting of patients, except in lifethreatening situations.

Provide appropriate mechanical aids and equipment (eg overhead tracking, hoists, mobile hoists, wheeled equipment, slide sheets), and ensure they are used properly and maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The terms Manual Handling or moving and handling includes any transporting or supporting of a load or person. This includes pulling, pushing, lifting, lowering,