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The HELiOS Plus can be refilled in about 40 seconds from a HELiOS system home reservoir, which typically lasts four to six weeks between refills. HELiOS Liquid Oxygen Features and Benefits Designed for durability. Oxygen, Portable Systems The HELiOS Personal Oxygen System from CAIRE Inc. is an easytouse, twopiece system including: 1. A base reservoir that stores liquid oxygen 2. These versatile liquid oxygen reservoirs work with all CAIRE topfill portable units. Available in two sizes, the CAIRE HELiOS Universal Reservoir can help you make optimal use of inventory to reduce your operating costs.

Be sure to read and understand this instruction manual completely before attempting to operate your HELiOS Oxygen Rev. E 9 HOW TO USE YOUR HELiOS OXYGEN SYSTEM If a minor liquid oxygen leak from the Reservoir fill Dec 25, 2014 Refilling and using the Helios Reservoir to refill the Helios Portable Oxygen tank. Refilling and using the Helios Reservoir to refill the Helios Portable Oxygen tank. and Liquid Oxygen Before use, carefully read this manual and all precautionary information in boldface type, as well HELiOS Universal Reservoir.

1. Liquid Oxygen Fill Connector Used to fill the H850 portable Using Your HELiOS Marathon H850 Portable Oxygen Unit. Learn more about CAIRE's HELiOS Plus the smallest liquid oxygen portable unit with pulse settings 14 and the CAIRE HELiOS Marathon which provides Med Tips2016 May CAIRE HELiOS Plus and Marathon Liquid Oxygen Portables; HELiOS Portables User Manual ENG ( A) HELiOS Portables User Manual MultiLanguage ( C4 A) HELiOS PLUS Model: H Home Use Guide.

HELiOS Plus. H Personal Oxygen System is designed to store and deliver oxygen at a prescribed rate. The system consists of the H Portable and a Mark III or Mark 4 Reservoir. Portable with liquid oxygen from the Reservoir Helios Liquid Station Resevoir The HELiOS Resevoir, available in two sizes, is the liquid oxygen storage vessel for the HELiOS E Reservoir is empty Swap or refill the reservoir c) Vent valve not open Ensure that the vent valve lever is fully in the RSHQ SRVLWLRQ 7KH OHYHU PXVW EH RSHQ WR EHJLQ D ILOO HELiOS Portable Technical Service Manual HELiOS Reservoirs Technical Service Manual PN Rev C 1 HELiOS Reservoirs I Preface SERVICE MANUAL HELiOS LOX Liquid Oxygen RMA Return Materials Authorization when working with or around Helios liquid oxygen reservoir manual woodworkers andor liquid oxygen.

CAUTION: All CAIRE reservoir units should be Helios LOX H850 H500. 2. 99 Caire HELiOS Liquid Oxygen Brochure outlines continous oxygen flow and the HELiOS Marathon and the HELiOS Plus. HELiOS Liquid Oxygen Trifold discusses the benefits of oxygen therapy and the role of liquid oxygen. HELiOS Reservoirs presents details for the U36 and U46 liquid oxygen reservoirs. HELiOS Manual