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D300 Camera Manual D300 Camera Manual Product 0 0. 0 Be the first to write a review Write or read ratings and reviews for this product Now Starting at 9. 00 To get manual focus you must move the switch on the lens, andor the switch on the camera. It's not automatic. Different lenses require different settings on the camera and lens to get manual. Shop eBay for great deals on Manual Focus Lenses for Nikon Camera 500mm Focal.

You'll find new or used products in Manual Focus Lenses for Nikon Camera 500mm Focal on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. The older manual focus lenses lack these electronic contacts and processors, and have very limited information exchange with the camera body.

These are called nonCPU lenses. One piece of information that is required for the camera to provide exposure metering is the aperture value set on the lens. The Nikon D300 is a 12. 3megapixel semiprofessional Including matrix, centerweight, and spot metering with AI and AIS manual focus lenses produced since 1977; Automatic correction of lateral chromatic aberration; Retouch menu includes filter type, hue, crop, Dlighting, Mono (Black and White, Cyanotype or Sepia) Doesn't that enable the camera to autofocus even on manual focus lenses?

Sorry if my question is a bit daft. i'm a newbie; ) One of the features that Nikon harped about on the D90 is the internal focus motor. See all results for nikon d300 lenses. Tamron Auto Focus mm f Di LD Macro Zoom Lens with Built In Motor for Nikon Digital SLR (Model A17NII) by Tamron Manual focusing is awful at least with my D300.

The viewfinders in the D300 and lesser models only accurately display an aperture of around f3. 5 and smaller so when you use fast lenses what you see is not what you get. 116 of 267 results for" nikon d300 manual" Mastering the Nikon D300: The Rocky Nook Manual Oct 31, 2008. by Darrell Young. 500mm f6. 3 Manual Focus Telephoto Mirror Lens For Nikon D3100, D3200, D3300, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D7000, D7200, D90, D300, D600, D610, D700, D750, D800, D810 Digital SLR Camera Film SLR Nikon D300 Optics.

Lenses Like other Nikon SLRs, the D300 accommodates a wide range of Nikkor lenses, via the standard Nikon" F" lens mount. that interfaces with old AI Nikkor manual focus Feb 23, 2009В  I have started using some of my manual focus Nikkors again on a Nikon D200 and D300. I very quickly realized that I cannot rely on focusing using the image on the viewfinder screen but that I can trust the focus indicator light (I did tests with all my lenses mounted on a tripod and had a 50: 50 chance to get the focus right when Nov 28, 2015В  Nikon manual lenses on D80 or D90 back?

The higher level cameras all function well, though. Among others, my D300 and D7200 are both fine with them. For the D300 I have an aftermarket focus screen that works nicely. Then why not buy a P& S camera? If manually focusing is an issue then why consider using D300 manual focus lenses manual Compare lenses from Nikon with the DSLR lens finder.

Use the filters to narrow your camera lens comparison list by price, usageapplication, lens type, format, and more. Resort the list by price, focal length, and other attributes by clicking the column headings.

Manual Focus 0 matches. Teleconverter 0 matches. Clear All. View products How to use manual focus lenses 72 How never to shoot without a CF card 66 While almost everything about the D300 is included here, the best way to get additional Dec 30, 2015В  Manual Focus on the D300 Jul 11, 2008 For those of you who have experience with manually focusing on a D300, I would like to hear about your experiences.

it offers wide and superwide angle lenses. While it doesn't produce classleading image quality, it's a solid option if you favor wideangle shooting. 283. Nikon's ManualFocus Lenses. By Allan Weitz 5 years ago. 14 Share. That would be the D3 series, D700, and possibly the D300 (not sure). In my case I have D700.

To get the most out of mirroring AI lenses with the D700, you let