Jenkins manually delete old builds

Setting the" Max# of builds to keep" for a job does not cause old builds to be discarded. I set this as Major as this will lead to the build system dying after running out of disk space. Another variation of this usage is to manually promote builds (based on instinct or something else that runs outside Jenkins.

) delete the hudsonpromotion directory when done promotion; I am in the progress of upgrading to Jenkins 1. 557 and Promoted Builds Plugin 2. 17. Discard Old Build plugin. Skip to end of metadata. You can also use logfile size to decide if delete a old build. Usage Basic. and 'Max# of builds to keep' work as same as Jenkins core function.

With checking statuses in 'Status to keep' section, Jenkins will keep the builds with selected statuses. This will extend the basic Jenkins Discard Old Builds functionality in each buildprojects configuration, providing additional options.

3) If you have large number of existing builds and its not feasible to manually cleanup builds using one of the options above, its possible to perform manual cleanup of jobs from the filesystem Apr 14, 2016В  Clean up Jenkins Workspaces.

14 April 2016 julienprog Leave a comment. Since then i did not have disk problem! I dont need anymore to clean up the disk manually. Clean up Master Workspace. Link to the book The Pragmatic Programmer on Amazon. The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master. Temporarily set the number of builds to keep in the job configuration (Discard Old Builds) so that Jenkins manually delete old builds builds will be deleted when the next build finishes. If the next build is With Jenkins version 1.

595, Workspace Cleanup Plugin version 0. 24, and docker plugin 0. 8, the clean after build is not completing. Either getting a partial remove or none at all, possibly because the container is stopped before the clean finishes. In my case, I couldn't actually change the configuration because of lack of free space, so I had to get on the system and manually delete the old builds.

ThomasW Mar 18 '14 at 5: 40 BTW, I haven't used this yet, but I just found the Configuration Slicing Plugin that lets you specify the# of builds to keep (etc) across all builds on the But i see some old builds still present and can't delete them from UI. When i try to delete it does nothing. How to manually delete a Job on Hudson. Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite.

Hudson is configured to retain last 5 builds only. But i see some old builds still present and can't delete them from UI. Hudsonjenkins: Get