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GFR Calculator The GFR (glomerular filtration rate) Calculator estimates GFR values based on factors including serum creatinine value, age, race, and gender. For comparison purposes, the results for three prevalent formulas used for estimating GFR are provided. A calculator for determining international normalized ratio (INR).

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the best overall index of kidney function. Normal GFR varies according to age, sex, and body size, and declines with age. The National Kidney Foundation recommends using the CKDEPI Creatinine Equation (2009) to estimate GFR. eGFR is estimated GFR calculated by the abbreviated MDRD equation: 186 x x (Age)0. 203 x (0. 742 if female) x (1. 210 if black). If you have an An online prothrombin time to international normalized ratio (INR) calculator to find the INR ratio based on the prothrombin time of the patient.

Enter the PT patient and PT normal and ISI (International Sensitivity Index) to know the ratio. Oct 28, 2011 Difference between CKDEPI and MDRD equations in calculating glomerular filtration rate in patients with cirrhosis. YuWei Chen [the other 2 being international normalized ratio (INR) and serum (simplified MDRD) equation is usually and most often used to calculate GFR, since it is considered as accurate as the What Is the INR Calculation Formula?

A: Quick Answer. For calculating the international normalized ratio, a patient's prothrombin time is divided by the mean normal prothrombin time. This ratio is raised to a power called the international sensitivity index. Inr manual calculation of gfr Reading. Reference Manual. Reference Manual. Search. ABOUT ASCEND CLINICAL. Address, Telephone and Fax Calculation: Weekly Residual GFR Weekly Dialysate Creatinine Clearance Prothrombin Time (Protime): INR: Calculation (PT Ratio) ISI.

PT Ratio (Patient PTMean Normal PT) ISI. Mean Normal PT Geometric Mean. Currently the best equation for estimating glomerular filtration rate (GFR) from serum creatinine in children is the Bedside Schwartz equation for use with creatinine methods with calibration traceable to IDMS 2, 3. Using the original Schwartz equation with a creatinine value from a method with calibration traceable to IDMS will overestimate GFR. The MDRD GFR Equation estimates glomerular filtration rate based on creatinine and patient characteristics.

The MDRD GFR Equation estimates glomerular filtration rate based on creatinine and patient characteristics. Have feedback about this calculator? About the Creator. Dr. Andrew S. Levey. Also from MDCalc Related Calcs.

The International Normalised Ratio (INR) is the PT ratio of a test sample compared to a normal PT (derived from the log mean normal prothrombin time (LMNPT) of 20 normal donors) corrected for the sensitivity of the thromboplastin used in the test.

Serum creatinine is correlated with muscle mass and therefore estimation of GFR using prediction equations in people with extremes of muscle mass is subject to inaccuracy. In those with increased muscle mass, GFR will be under estimated and in those with reduced muscle mass GFR will be