Source four parnell manual dexterity

Projection Distance up to 60' The Source Four TM PARNEL features fresnel functionality and the awesome performance of a Source Four Par. With its wave lens design& easy focusing knob, the PARNEL lets you quickly access a range o Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field.

The EDLT lens tube option for 19, 26, 36 and 50 field angles makes the Source Four even better for ultracrisp, highcontrast gobo projections. A variation of the Source Four PAR is the Source Four PARNel, a wash lighting fixture intended to be an alternative for Fresnel lanterns. Sourced Four PARnel Manual 2 Source Four PARNel User Manual Fixture information HPL lamp table Color frame holder The color frame holder is equipped with a Source Four PAR MCM Base Housing Assembly in Black 235.

90. Source Four PARNel Base Housing Assembly Product Description. Source Four PARNel fixture base housing assembly in black. Source Four PARNel Assembly Guide. Appears on packings slip as: S4 PARNEL EA BASE ASSY (BLK Find Similar Products by Installation and User Manual Source 4WRD PAR or PARNel fixture may cause flickering. User Manual 5 Sensor dimmer settings The Source 4WRD fixture can be controlled from either a DMX source or from an existing dimmer for level control.

NOTES: When using line dimming, see the S4WRD Manual for dimmer setup, When using line dimming, standby power is 0W Accessories. ETC 400BD Barn Door. It is intended for use with ETC's Source Four PAR and PARnel models along with their Source Four Fresnel. NOTE: Actual product 58. 00 Usually ships in 714 View and Download ETC Source Four user manual online. Source Four Fresnel.

Source Four Flood Light pdf manual download. Etc source four parnel ce user manual (12 pages) Flood Light ETC Source Four Zoom User Manual (16 pages) Flood Light ETC source four zoom Assembly Manual View and Download ETC Source Four user manual online. Flood Light. Source Four Flood Light pdf manual download. Source Four PARs deliver a smooth even field, and at 575 watts are comparable to 1000W PAR64s while saving 40 on energy.

Source Four PAR EA. Elegant, compact, efficient and flexible the new standard for PARs. Source Four PARNel. PAR optics with Fresnel focus. The AutoYoke is designed for use only with the ETC Source Four LED 10, 14, 19, 26, 36, 50, 70 or 90. Using a fixture other than those listed without manufacturer's Four (refer to Source Four user manual for further details). f.

Rejoin the top and bottom barrel casting. Starting at the holes closest to the shutters, use the Source Four PAR Nel 1 Revised 400. Changing Source Four PARNel lenses Change lenses if they become cracked or badly scratched. Caution! Never operate the Source Four PARNel without a lens in place. This manual has been sourced and uploaded by the production team at SXS Events.

This manual is not property of SXS ETC User Manual Source Four PARNel Source Four PARNel Page 2 of 8 ETC Fixture information HPL lamp table CAUTION: Do not use lamps other than the HPL in Source Four fixtures.

Use of lamps other than HPL will void ULcUL Use the HPL lamp only in Source Four and Source Four PAR Nel xtures manufactured and sold by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. Do not use lamps other than the HPL in Source Four PAR Nel xtures. S4 PARNel User Manual