Nyiso emergency demand response program manual

MANUAL 7 Emergency Demand Response Program Manual October 2013 MM 2016. Draft. Version: Effective Date: Committee Acceptance: BIC. This document was prepared by: NYISO Demand Response Operations. NYISO EMERGENCY DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM MANUAL the NYISO provides a reliabilitybased Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) that pays for load reductions under reserve shortage or major emergency conditions. When activated, both EDRP and SCR resources are eligible to set the realtime marginal NYISO EMERGENCY DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM MANUAL.

Table of Figures. NYISO Demand Response Information System User's Guide. Section Clarified calculations and payments for a resource that performs in either the DADRP or DSASP concurrent with an EDRP deployment. This document is an excerpt from the NYISO (New York Independent System Operator) Emergency Demand Response Program Manual ( version 6.

2 Section 5. 2). It is The information contained within this manual, along with the other NYISO manuals, is intended to be used for informational purposes and is subject to change. The NYISO will deploy the EDRP as one of its emergency procedures in conjunction with the Inday Peak Hour Forecast response to an Operating Reserve Peak Forecast Shortage, as defined in, or in response to, the Major Emergency State as defined in the NYISO Emergency Operations Manual (available from the NYISO Web site at by activating the experiences to better design an emergency demand response program for the Midwest ISO footprint.

Introduction. 3 3 PJM Programs Manual Load Dump. 9 9 PJM Programs The NYISO and PJM emergency demand response programs are substantively similar: NYISO EMERGENCY OPERATIONS. MANUAL. NYISO Dispatch Operations. iii Version 6. 6. Table of Contents. Count NYISO Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) as NYISO Operating Reserves. NYISO EMERGENCY OPERATIONS MANUAL NYISO Operation Reserves that they may be required to be activated during appropriate Market Participants to activate NYISO Emergency Demand Response Program.

Section4. 44 4th deleted Activate Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP). Demand Side Resourcesmay reduce demand only by curtailing NYCA Load. EDRP Emergency Demand Response Program. 3 DRAFT nyiso DayAhead New York Independent System Operators (NYISO) Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) manual and the Customer Base Line (CBL) description contained therein as the reference document for the Companys baseline calculation.

Existing reliabilitybased demand response (DR) programs, the pecial Case Resource S (SCR) Program and Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP), will continue to be an important tool for system operators to curtail load in response to periods of high demand or emergency system