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1987, the year Rings of Zilfin was released on DOS, as well as Commodore 64, Atari ST and Apple II. Made by Strategic Simulations, Inc. and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc.this roleplaying (rpg) game is available for free on this page.

Rings of Zilfin is an unusual, but relatively unknown early fantasy solo RPG by Ali N. Atabek, who went on to create the Magic Candle series. It was meant for beginners to computer RPGs, featuring no character creation, simple game play and movielike cut scenes, concentrating more on atmosphere than on character stats.

Aug 27, 2010 Rings of Zilfin is full of pools along the roads, some of which help you by increasing your endurance or fatigue, but at least one out of every three is a poisoned pool, which immediately reduces your fatigue and endurance to 0, which means you die the next time you take any damage.

THE CASTLE GRAZ Two prizes still eluded Lord Dragos, however: The Rings of Zilfin, and the Treasure of Fulgarsh. Aside from these, the paltry resistance of the monks and the rumors of the zilfins, naught marred the ascendency of Dragos. Aug 28, 2010 Rings of Zilfin was passable light entertainment, but it was not a great CRPG. Let's do a quick final reckoning on the GIMLET scale: 1. Game World. Reasonably good back story about the lost Zilfins and the rise of the evil Dragos.

If a bit derivative, at least offers some original elements like the inaccessible castle and the drugaddicted guardian. LIMITED WARRANTY Strategic Simulations, Inc. (" SSI" ) warrants that the diskette on which the enclosed The Rings of Zilfin, the Castle Graz, Fate Darmag, What is the ring of muscles at the end of the esophogus called? The cervix, or cervix uteri, is the ring of muscle found at thebase of the uterus.

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