Remap ecu saga flx manual

Find car accessories& parts for sale in Selangor on Mudah. my, Malaysia's largest marketplace. Now listing 2218 ads. Happy Buying and Selling! Car tuning or retuning is one of the way to get your desired performance and restore the performance of the engine. Engine tuning is done by setting up a device to adjust the computer box or ECU.

TRUST GREDDY EMANAGE BLUE EMANAGE. Every fuel injection car runs with an ecu to control every operation of the engine. This include controlling the duty cyle of the injector(how long the injector is on, means amount of fuel injected), ignition timing, camshaft profile, and few other. The ecu variable input such as rpm, manifold pressure or the mass air flow. Electronic throttle control system models, the depth of the ECU control the electronic throttle of the gas pedal and the vehicle speed together to analyze, and ultimately to PROTON SAGA BLM FL FLX SV POTENT BOOSTER 5Drive Throttle Remapper, Price: RM549.

00, End time 9: 15 PM MYT The new Proton Iriz is a very likable car, no doubt about it. We found that it rides and drives beautifully in our full review last month, but theres no denying that the CVT automatic gearbox The Proton Satria is a hatchback automobile produced by Malaysian manufacturer Proton from 1994 to 2005 in the first generation model and from 2006 to 2015 in the Satria Replacement Model (SRM), known as the Proton Satria Neo.

Huge thanks to Mr Vincent Nissan Bukit Tinggi, I wouldn't go anywher e else. My experience of trade inbuying a car from him was a seamless, professional and trustworthy. When I decide to change my car I shall be straight back to u. ! ! Saya menggunakan kereta gen manual keluaran 2004, masaalah saya apabila memandu dalam gear 5 menekan pedal minyak kereta saya jd semput2 seolah olah mcm x ada pickup.

Apa masaalah ini tlg beri jawapan. Mungkin kena remap balik throttle response. Boleh jadi fuel pump. saya menggunakan kenderaan jenis Proton Saga FLX SE. apabila saya Find car accessories& parts for sale in Malaysia on Mudah. my, Malaysia's largest marketplace.

Now listing 81 ads. Happy Buying and Selling! Shop POTENT BOOSTER 5Drive 21 Step Advanced Throttle Remapper (Sport, Normal& Eco Mode) Online @ Max Audio. Cheap Price FREE Delivery Available Worldwide Delivery 3 Oct 25, 2005 Page 1 of 2 Proton Campro Engine Tips and Solutions posted in Malaysian Talk: To all bros using Proton Gen2, Satria Neo, Persona, Saga Blm, Exora and PreveIf your engine got squeak sound especially during cold start its either your fanbelt that's need silicone sprayBelt spray or just rub a soap under the belting.

For cars under km its normal cause of driving under raining condition. If ECU ni dia akan" belajar" style kita memandu dan sesuaikan penggunaan minyak. Ambil masa sikit. itu agaknya lepas 10k baru elok. Dulu saya silap mintak reflash ecu.

Nov 12, 2013 if not mistaken, ecu setting has being map by proton. whether its has got to do with FC, only gods now. and ecu setting on saga as at today ONLY proton can do remap. there's no ecu remap setting outside proton. yet.

e. g. proton come out with remap ecu for FLX for solving jerking issue and all owner are welcome to reflash it Kelebihan yang takda pada Proton Saga FLX ni menjadikan salah satu sebab saya tak jadi beli Proton Saga FLX.

Lampu automatic Kalau dah biasa pandu kereta ni, boleh terlupa nak pasang lampu bila pandu kereta lain. Banyak sudah di buat pada D16a, D15b, B16a AutoManual Package untuk tukar capacitor sahaja bagi ecuecu obd1, Rm80 sahaja beserta komponent dengan syarat ecu adalah dalam keadaan baik.