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Operator Training Courses The Office of Water Programs (OWP) is a nonprofit organization operating under University Enterprises, Inc.California State University, Sacramento, to provide distance learning training programs for individuals interested in the operation and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater facilities. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Manual. ii information on certification training requirements and courses. One of the Home Study Options: o Sacramento Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants Volume 1 and 2 or o Sacramento Small Wastewater Operation and Maintenance, Volume 1 and 2 or The operators identified a need for training materials similar to the training manuals prepared by California State University, Sacramento, for the operators of both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants titled, There are two classes of Collection Systems Operator certification, two classes of Small Wastewater Systems Operator certification, and four classes of Wastewater System Operator certification.

The guide is intended to be a complete reference manual for technical information. WASTEWATER OPERATOR CERTIFICATION. TRAINING DIRECTORY. January. 2017. wastewater manuals and online programs.

These programs provide an excellent alternative for those individuals who are unable to attend a college or cannot find such courses offered in their vicinity.

Sacramento, CA The series will enhance the training of new and experienced collection system operators for the safe operation and maintenance of both sanitary and combined sewer systems. This video series was developed to complement the current twovolume set of collection system operation and maintenance training manuals.

This is particularly true of this 2014 edition of the State Fire Training Procedures Manual, which incorporates a number of changes implemented through a threeyear missionalignment process, including the pursuit of national certification, a Becoming and continuing to be a Licensed Operator in New Jersey requires training, passing an exam, and completion of continuing education.

This is managed through the Board of Examiners and the Advisory Committee on Water Supply and Wastewater Licensed Operator Training.

Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Operator. operator training manuals available from California State University, Sacramento.

To order each manual contact: Ken Kerri. Office of Waste Programs. California State University, Sacramento. 6000 J Street. Sacramento, Ca. The Office of Water Programs at Sacramento State a nonprofit within the College of Engineering and Computer Science is the worlds largest producer of homestudy training materials for operators and managers of water and wastewatertreatment and collection facilities.

SOURCES OF WASTEWATER TRAINING AND REFERENCE MATERIAL. Following is a list of sources of reference material and training which operators of industrial commercial wastewater treatment systems may find to be helpful.

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