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Title: Grumman A6 Intruder EA6 Prowler The Grumman A6 design was the winner of a 1957 US Navy design contest for an allweather longrange lowlevel tactical strike aircraft.

It first flew in 1960, initially designated A2F1, and entered service as the A6A in 1965. There are two principal families of the Grumman A6, the two seat aircraft (A6A, A6B, A6C, KA6D, A6E, and EA6A) known Description. This title contains: US Navy NATOPS Flight Manual for the A6A, A6B, A6C, KA6D, and A6E, NAVAIR 0185ADC1, dated 1874, revised to, approx 967 pages.

Flight manual for the Grumman A6A, A6B, A6C, KA6D, A6E. This was the most complete flight manual produced for the A6 series aircraft. Full performance section is included in this manual. Grumman A6 Aircraft Flight Manual. Grumman A6 A, B, C KA6D A6E NATOPS Flight Manual NAWEPS 0185ADA1, 1974; Disclaimer: This item is sold for historical and reference Only. These are either ORIGINAL or COPIES of manuals and blueprints used when these aircraft were in active duty, now transferred into electronic format.

Home Aircraft Manuals GL Grumman A6 Intruder Grumman A6A, KA6D, A6E Intruder NATOPS Flight Manual US Navy These manuals are supplied in Adobe PDF format, and delivered via electronic download, or CDDVD.

Operating and Owning the Ka6. Near Left: A Ka6E inside a metal Shirenewton type trailer. The all flying tailplanes are mounted on a support which sits over the fuselage to facilitate rigging. Open trailers If the glider is kept inside a hanger, then a simple open trailer is sufficent. Often these simply provide a solid support for Tweet Download PDF See full screen Report a web site issue Report a copyright issue Download PDF Tweet Navair 0185ADF1 Natops Flight Manual A6E Intruder Monday, August 20, 2018 NATOPS Flight Manual for Grumman Navy Model A6A, B, KA6D& A6E" Intruder.

" 968 pages in black and white print with color graphic highlights in Adobe Acrobat. pdf file format. Extremely detailed& informative manual covers A6 Intruder models including