Chilton or haynes manual better

A Haynes or a Chiltons repair manual is fine for the shadetree mechanic as they provide general repair procedures. But if you need a more in depth manual for your vehicle either get a factory manual or subscribe to one of the online repair services such as AllData. However, if you decide to go If you've spent time working on your own car or WANT to start working on your own car, you probably want to use the best repair manual out there.

The Chilton vs Haynes debate has been going on forever. Here's who we think is the best option Nov 12, 2010 Auto Repair Manuals Review: Chilton vs. Haynes. Now which is the better auto repair manual? Some say Chilton is better than Haynes; others claim the other way around. That's quite confusing, right? In my case I have often found the Haynes manual to be better at helping for do it yourself cases.

If neither work though, the Sep 10, 2010В  There's plenty of things that can be corrected and understood with a good manual and a little bit of instruction. My question is, have you had better experience with a Chilton's manual or a Factory manuals are pricey compared to the Haynes and Chilton. Personally, I detest the Haynes manual. I get the strong impression that it's a British book because a lot of the terminology they use, along with the vehicles they use don't 'look' american.

Jan 16, 2014 Is one better than the other? If yes, which one? Since there are a few little areas that require some attention, I figured having a repair manual will be very helpful.

I know at least the Haynes book is available at my local Advance Auto and Auto Zone parts stores, not sure about the Chilton. Th Apr 28, 2013 My opinion of these two manuals. Neither one compares to a factory repair manual. Aug 01, 2008 Best Answer: I like Haynes better than Chilton. Chilton manuals tend to cover more than one model of automobile. Haynes seems to have more pictures and explains the parts in more detail.

I would have to say the best manual to have is the one from the factory if you are a DIY person. I have both Chilton and What is the best repair manual among Chilton and Haynes?

Update Cancel. ad by SmartBear Software. Deliver a flawless UI with the right tool. Where could I find a Haynes or Chilton shoprepair manual online or hard copy for a 1995 Lada Niva 2121 1. 6 litre? Where can I Chilton vs Haynes is the great debate between car mechanics and enthusiasts. Can't decide on which one to get? The first manual titled the" Haynes Owners Workshop Manual" was founded by J. H. Haynes& Co.

on May 18, 1960. both companies continue to craft information, utilizing technology to better provide a legacy in information Haynes repair manual vs chiltons. and have fumbled through both Chilton and Haynes in the past for this and other cars, sometimes great sometimes not. I have gotten better information and ideas or maintenance and replacement of things from Trailvoy.

com for a trailblazer. The best example I can give is changing trans fluid. Mar 14, 2004 Haynes is better than Chiltons. In my case, I find Haynes to just be more accurate. The factory service manual set is probably the best investment I've ever made.