Il acl 1000 manual

The ACL 1000 is an affordable solution for low volume workloads, or as a backup analyzer. The test menu includes a variety of clotting assays, such as Lupus and APCRV Leiden. The ACL 1000 also offers bar code capability to help improve efficiency in your lab.

ACL 7000 is an automated blood coagulation analyzer distributed by Block Scientific. It is an easytouse system providing constantly reliable test results. The medical equipment is an ideal choice for any hospital or laboratory that requires specialty testing capabilities in a costeffective system. At IL, we are passionate about bringing the most innovative solutions to hemostasis testing. Through our ACL products, we offer a variety of the highest quality instruments, all complemented by a full panel of HemosIL assays and supported by ILs worldwide technical team.

" The ACL 1000 boasts 24 assays with a maximum throughput of 110 tests per hour. The system is easy to navigate, robust and well respected in the hemostasis marketplace worldwide. " The ACL 1000 boasts 24 assays with a maximum throughput of 110 tests per hour.

Hemostasis Testing System: Features and Technical Description C Main System Features Page 16 IV. Specification Table Page 22 V. Hemostasis Assays Page 23 VI. IL Monographs Page 24. The new ACL TOP hemostasis system from Instrumentation Laboratory is types of tests. (For additional detail, please see the ACL TOP Operators Manual The IL ACL 100 Coagulation Analyzer is a fully automated system from Instrumentation Laboratory.

This clotend point analyzer makes use of the most advanced coagulation technology available to small and specialized laboratories. The coagulation analyzer runs clotting assays including Lupus Coagulation Analyzers. INSTRUMENTATION LABS BECKMAN COULTER ACL 100, ACL 200, ACL 300 ACL 1000, ACL 2000, ACL 3000: Fully automated to increase productivity; Clotting assays, including LAC, Factors Il acl 1000 manual APCRV IL ACL 9000 BECKMAN ACL 9000: Extensive test menu with clotting, chromogenic and immunologic capabilities At Instrumentation Laboratory, we believe the lifeblood of our success can be summed up in two wordspassion and innovation.

Since 1959, weve harnessed our passion to create a history of innovative breakthroughs in in vitro diagnostics, improve the ACL 1000 from IL (Instrumentation Laboratory) is a coagulation analyzer intended for clinical use in coagulation and fibrinolysis testing. A wide range of medical equipment of IL is offered here at Block Scientific a leading provider of the finest refurbished and new laboratory equipment. ACL TOP Family Training Manual RQC1 RUN QC 1 OBJECTIVES Given: The ACL TOP Family coagulation system is performing to specifications Controls are reconstituted and ready to run The instrument is setup and ready to run PTRP and APTTSS Action: Run all QC levels for PTRP and APTTSS from the vial Review QC Analysis SKILL The ACL TOP Family is a complete line of Hemostasis Testing Systemseach designed with the same high standards of operation and functionality to meet the needs of The ACL 1000 Coagulation Analyzer from Beckman Coulter is a fully automated instrument which offers a reasonable solution for low volume workloads or backup analyzer.

The test menu of this model services a variety of clotting assays including LAC, Factors, and APCRV. ACL 1000 units boast its bar codereading capability that eliminates the need for manual input, improving laboratory efficiency.