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The care and training of your KOCK. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the owner of a genuine, pedigreed PET ROCK. IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE YOUR PET ROCK FROM ITS BOX BEFORE READING ITEM 1 IN THIS BOOKLET. 1975 Rock Bottom Productions. Item 1. Your new rock is a very sensitive pet The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock manual was filled with puns and jokes about how to take care of your pet rock. For instance, it mentions that while the command stand was relatively impossible for your pet rock to accomplish because it had no feet, other commands like sit and stay were easily learned by the rocks, as Jun 13, 2010 Best Answer: sorry dude, but it is illegal to put copyright things (like the pet rock manual) online.

i did search all over google for you, but with out luck. but i can give you the website i use when i am unsure about something to do with my pet rock. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl.

The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl from Pinterest. Vintage Games Vintage Toys Vintage Stuff Silly Putty Comic Strips Childhood Toys Childhood Memories 1960s Toys Retro Toys.

Aug 19, 2009" how to train your pet rock! " (based on an actual rock training manual) Dec 11, 2008В  Does anyone have the complete Pet Rock Training Manual? Could you please tell me what is says word for word on every page?

I need this as soon as possible, because I am making a pet rock for my friend's birthday and her party is tomorrow! I would really like the complete guide to go with it. I realize this is a lot to Some pet rocks are as annoying and dull as a sponge.

Even so, you might not want to hurt the feelings of yours when the boredom of keeping him overcomes you. Kraft color pet shop style Pet Rock. Gary Dahl super successful invention. Here is a throwback! No feeding, no whining, no bathing, no stains, no The Tip. It Times.

25th January 2009 Issue 12 99gp. Your Pet Rock and You A Guide for New Owners Written by Necromagus and edited by Tip. It. Congratulations! You have just acquired your very own pet rock. With some tender love and care your pet rock and you can be best friends forever. However, the pet rock can also be a demanding Similar books to Pet Rock Manual: Instructions on How to Take Care of Pet Rocks and Keep Your Pet Rock Happy (Guides by V.

A. Sharp Book 1) An Amazon Book with Buzz: " The Other Woman" The most twisty, addictive The original Pet Rock manual, as published by Gary Dahl, and provided with pet rocks. The Pet Rock is a rock, that comes in a paper carrier with holes on it (as it it were" alive" ), complete with grass and the Care and Training booklet.

The manual was full of puns and gags that referred to the rock as an actual pet. Dahl's biggest expense was the diecutting and manufacture of the boxes. The rocks only cost a penny each, and the straw was nearly free. Getting your first pet rock can be exciting, but pet rocks require a great deal of responsibility. This manual will help you to take care of your pet rock, and learn how to enjoy the company of your pet rock to the fullest extent possible.

Published at the web's largest poetry site. Sep 22, 2007 Feed your pet rock! It can't eat physical objects, so provide it with food for its other senses, such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing. You can play sweet music, paint or print of a nice image, find something soft, that kind of thing. The Pet Rock is back! Now with every purchase a donation is made to help a pet in need! How to Care for Your Pet Rock If you are fortunate enough to find your pet rock a good mate you maybe able to successfully develop your own strain of rocks.

Girlrocks have great maternal instincts which is great for little pebbles. 0 Comment Comment 17. Pet rocks are not as popular as it was in the 70s but there is still a risk of